36 Days of Type

About the Project
The #36daysoftype is a global project where designers and illustrators do a visual representation of every letter and every number.
Rafael Mayani inspired me to start doing this series. For over a year, I have been experiencing art blocks and I felt that I really couldn't do a thing. I then started to take the leap of faith by quitting my day job and eventually starting over at my own. It was fun and learned a lot of things which eventually led me to finding the creative spark. The project helped me build confidence while exploring new techniques, art styles and to further enhance my skills in story telling. I wish that you'll enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed making all of these. Can you guess what each letter meant? Check my blog to check!  
A is for Adventure
D is for Dive
L is for Lighthouse
Q is for Quick Attack
R is for Raven
W is for Woodcutters
X is for XO
Y is for Yellow Ribbon

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